Lets Get Organized

I love that feeling! In that moment where Im sitting or standing and taking in all the work that I did and all of the new found space in my life , I feel light. I feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. My mind is clearer. I feel like I can breathe and work peacefully. 

There are so many benefits to organizing and decluttering your life.  

Here are some really cool ideas for organizing small bedrooms

  1. Declutter or purge your closet and your space! 

Before you begin organizing, decide on what you can give to a friend or donate to your local thrift store. There are lots of people who could benefit from what you are holding on to but not using. If you have gently used items, share the love and let someone else enjoy it. You can then organize your clothes by garments. I like to have a little fun and organize by colour and garment type. I tend to keep dresses with dresses, sweaters with sweaters, pants with pants and so on. If there are long items try keeping those on one side so you can use the space in the closet under the shorter garments. 

  1. Store things underneath!

Store things under your bed in organizers. This is great because you know where your things are but they are not out in to open giving you a lighter feel that you don’t have to see as much things all of the time. Its also a great idea that you store things under the short hanging clothes in your closet. If you get a small dress or put in some shelves ir a great way to create extra space that you will use. 

  1. Store things on top!

If you have a wardrobe and there is space at the top of it what better way to use that space with baskets. It’s a great way to store things that are slightly bulky without taking up floor space. 

Storage organizers
You can find these at Winners or at Ikea : DRÖNA
Box, white13x15x13 ” (33x38x33 cm)
  1. Get a cubby!

Using a cubby as storage is a great way to organize for shoes, purses or even book or other random items that you need to keep. We all have those things that fit no where but we we still need them

  1. Get a shelf!

If a cubby is not your style but still need the shelf space, a book shelf is a good option. You can still use if to store a variety of things in brackets or directly on the shelf. Layering shelving units directly on tho the wall is also a good way to make the most out of your space. 

  1. Get a coat rack

A coat rack is a useful you need to free up some closet space. You can hang bulky items on there like heavy coats or other jackets that you use often

  1. Double up

You can use your night stand like a desk instead of having 2 pieces of furniture in your room. 

Wayfair Louise Task Chair Check it out here Desk is from Wayfair Check it out
  1. Get a storage bench or seat

You can use the space inside to store bigger things and still use the bench as a place to sit an relax with a cup of tea with some friends, lounge on

  1. Store under your bed

There are some really great beds out there where you can lift the bed up and organize things underneath. You already know that you need a bed to sleep on so why not use the space inside it

  1. Use the space behind your mirror

You can store your accessories or other face or hair products.

Let us know in the comments your favourite storage hacks or favourite way to stay organized

-Joelle@stillsof hue

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