Best online Clothing stores for Women in 2021

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Hi guys,

If you are like me, an avid online shopper then I’m certain you have collected some favourite places to shop for all your fashion needs! I am not the type of person to shop for outrageously expensive things, I’m a firm believer in the ‘low to high’ sorting option that most websites offer to build my ultimate wish list on a budget! 

Below are some great places to shop online if you are on a budget but looking for fashionable items.

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Boohoo is usually my first choice. Being a Canadian shopper paying duties and taxes on international shipments can be an expensive pain in the butt, but Boohoo pays those fees for you, so you never have to pay customs fees with them! For this reason, I have ranked them #1 on my list of go-to fashion spots. Bear in mind most of their clothing start at a US size 4 and up, they also have a plus-size category as well. If you are a US size 2 or below, there is a small variety of clothing that you may find. They also have very cute accessories and shoes!

Be sure to check them out.

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Lulus is another top contender for me, it is a UK based website that ships internationally. I love their selection of clothing, and they NEVER skimp on quality. Their price range is a bit more $$ than some of the others mentioned in this list, but their products never disappoint. Most items have numerous reviews that you can read through, and their shoe collection is simply beautiful. (We will have an unboxing of some shoes I purchased from their black Friday sale, all of which were under $15!). They frequently have sales or promotional codes available as well. This is my go-to for wedding guests, or special occasion dresses as they are always classy and tastefully made dresses.

Check them out!


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I have a drawer full of bikinis and swimwear from Missguided. I find their items so cute and trendy. They are very fashion-focused and promote body positivity on their Instagram and website, you will find the models are not airbrushed and I enjoy seeing that realness from a company. They ALWAYS have some sort of promo codes available and there is never a lack of product. Their prices are very affordable as well.

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If you’ve never heard of Fashion Nova, you’ve been living under a rock! It has reigned supreme in the online fashion world and is supported by celebrities such as Cardi B & Kylie Jenner. My Vacation in Cuba was fashion Nova all the way, their bikinis and Cover-ups are so trendy. They also have a Luxe collection which has a great selection of Gowns. I know some brides who were on a budget and opted for a small gathering, they purchased their gowns from Fashion Nova. SO take a look at their Luxe collection if you are a bride on a budget, or simply looking for a second dress to change into

Go take a look!

Now, I will be honest I’ve never personally ordered from SHEIN myself, but with the abundance of cute tops, pants, and work wear my colleagues come into the office with, I don’t know why I have never ordered before! I’ve stalked their website on numerous occasions and have filled my cart with items that I never found on any other site. Plus their prices are GREAT. I am going to place an order within the next few weeks and follow up with my personal experience with them.

If you have given them a try let me know what your experience was like!

COVID-19 left us stuck inside, but we can still look cute indoors!!

Let us know your experience with online shopping during COVID-19 below!

Until next time.

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