5 Date Night Ideas during COVID/ Global Pandemic

Well guys,

 Let’s get right to it. COVID-19 killed romance. 

If you know me, you’d know I can be irritatingly dramatic, so …maybe romance isn’t actually dead, but COVID-19 definitely infringed on some date night adventures for me. So, finding something to do indoors has been a pretty important task to tackle.

Don’t let COVID-19 be an excuse for lack of one-on-one time, it can definitely be done.

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  1. Netflix (or another streaming device) or a Movie/TV show of your choice.

Set aside time for a movie or television show you will both enjoy. Set it up somewhere with popcorn and drinks. Layout a blanket on the living room floor and enjoy something as simple as a movie. 

Now, this next point is important, make sure you actually set aside time to partake in the activity. Set aside, sleep, cellphones and social media and just focus on that time with your partner. COVID has placed stress on everybody so the deliberate act of dedicating your time and attention will certainly be appreciated.

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  1. Go for a Drive

It isn’t always hard to be entertained, there are occasions where my fiance and I will drive around and look at houses, admire their gates and lawns, come up with ideas on what our dream home will look like. To be honest, I always have a great time doing this, there’s always an opportunity for laughs, plus what woman doesn’t love designing her dream home in her head!

two white planes flying
  1. Plane watching

Ok, now hear me out.

I don’t particularly have an interest in planes. They go up, they come down, I arrive in a tropical paradise and I never think about them again.  But if you have a partner who has a LOVE for aviation, that this is something you both will enjoy. 

My partner loves planes, every plane that goes by he has an instant fascination with it… I personally don’t get it, but it makes me smile to hear his interests and be able to talk about something he enjoys. Aviation also relates to his career, so we are able to spend time together, eat some drive-through burgers and talk about something that makes him happy, which in turn makes me happy! 

**If you have small children like we do, take them along with you and make it a family outing! 

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  1. Hotel dates

Depending on your Province/state restrictions you may not be able to do this, but if permitted you may have a weekend getaway! Be romantic about it, make swans out of towels, have a picnic set up on the floor, or place love notes on the mirrors! Be INCREDIBLY corny… I mean you’ve got nothing else to do and nowhere else to go anyway! Let Pinterest be your guide if you fall short on ideas. Also bring Lysol,Pinesol, Detol…whatever cleaning supplies you like, be sure to bring, if nothing else it may just ease your mind. Also, I like to bring my own blanket whenever I visit a hotel (Pre Pandemic as well) So if you are like me, feel free to bring your own bedding too!

This is always a hit (COVID or Not) and it goes a long way to show appreciation …. **Also, if you’re in the doghouse with your spouse, this might just get you out of it! lol**

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5)Game Night

There are rare instances where I can be competitive, you can always have a good time playing a game of dominos, poker (strip optional), or even a drinking game can always end up being a fun time! Drink responsibly, don’t get sloppy…there is nothing romantic about cleaning up puke!

All in all, remember that physically being there doesn’t always equate to actively participating. If you put your mind to spending time and actively engaging with your significant other, you will find joy in anything you do.

What have you been doing to salvage romance during these times?

Comment below!

Until next time,


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