Our Trip to the Iridologist

Allyson and I both had an appointment with the Iridologist. It’s something that we were thinking about doing and talking about for a while not so when the opportunity presented itself we decided to go fo it.

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that studies the iris of the eye to gather information about the patient’s overall health. Trained professionals look for different signs in the patterns and colors of the eye to “see” what is happening inside of you body. You can click here to read more about Iridology.

Listen to our conversation about our trip to the Iridologist. We had 2 different experiences but both found the appointment interesting and very helpful


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3 thoughts on “Our Trip to the Iridologist

    1. Yes it was an interesting experience. I do not believe its practiced at hospitals. As with many forms of alternative medicine there is so much controversy as to whether or not its science based.
      In my personal opinion I think there is some truth behind it because I think our body has different ways of showing us what’s going in on the inside and one of those ways can be through your eyes. I also think it’s important to seek a second opinion from a medical doctor for different diagnosis.

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