8 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Skin in Winter

Skincare needs to be adjusted during the cold season: wind, frost, rain, and snow make our sensitive skin difficult to care for. So the question is : how do we properly care for our skin during winter? What does she need to keep a radiantly fresh and, above all, healthy complexion even in the cold season?

 These are some of the things that have helped me during these cold months. Read what to look for in winter skincare. Our detailed guide informs you about the right skincare in the cold season.

1.Do Not Use Too Many Products

In winter we only want the best for our skin. However, this often leads us to use way more products than are necessary. This can overload our skin, and result in pimples and irritated skin. To prevent this from happening, you should trust the care products you have used so far over the winter and use them regularly.

2.Apply Care in The Correct Order

Yes, order matters. When you find that your skin suddenly becomes drier during the winter months, you should pay attention to the order of your care products. The moisturizer and light serums come first, then a rich facial oil can be applied. This helps to keep the moisture in the skin layers.

3.A Regular Exfoliation

With dry skin, we often shy away from exfoliating for fear that it could harm it even more. However, the opposite is true. Because a gentle peeling removes dead skin on the top layer so that your complexion underneath comes though and  appears healthy and fresh. It also helps to open clogged pores and prevent inflammation and skin irritation.

4.Drink A Lot of Water

It is not only important to drink enough in summer – two litres of water a day applies to the whole year! The more we drink, the better our skin is hydrated and less likely to dry out. You should therefore ensure that you drink enough fluids even in winter.

Tip: You can also drink unsweetened tea instead of water. Getting enough water is hard. Trust me I know but we should try to keep hydrated.

5.Use Alcohol-Free Skincare Products

Many care products contain alcohol or other chemical ingredients due to their antibacterial effect. However, the expert emphasizes: “It is advisable to use a facial cleanser without alcohol because it can irritate our skin and also dries it out – especially in the cold season.

6.Protect Yourself from The Sun Even in Winter

The key is to give your skin fresh air. So, don’t become a couch potato! But when it’s cold, the sun is underestimated. “Winter skin is significantly more sensitive than tanned summer skin,” explains the dermatologist, “the reason for this is that the weak winter sun leads to a reduction in the melanin concentration in our skin, that is, to weaker pigmentation. This pigmentation that we perceive as a tan, protects the cells from harmful UV radiation in summer. If it is lower, the skin is naturally less protected at the same time.

7.Take It Easy on Heating and Hot Water

You might think that in winter, it’s the cold that hurts our skin the most, but in reality, it’s everything we do to warm up that dries it out, like turning on the heat or taking too hot baths. What’s more, it’s not very green. So, for the planet and our skin, we limit the baths and we prefer lukewarm showers and we do not heat our apartment above 19 degrees. If we can, we also equip ourselves with an air humidifier. In winter, the air lacks moisture and the skin need it to stay hydrated. An air humidifier is therefore a very good solution, not to mention that it frees the nasal passages and allows you to sleep better. To save some money, a bowl of water placed near a radiator or vent may be sufficient but Be Safe!

8.Get At Least 8 Hours of Sleep Per Night

Sleep is very important for the skin because the skin regenerates which gives it a smooth and supple appearance. What’s more, when sleeping, blood flow increases, which helps to have a glowing complexion in the morning. Whereas when we don’t get enough sleep, our complexion is gray, dark circles and puffiness make us look tired and the skin is drier. 

Final Words

Dry skin, torn lips, rough hands: certain beauty problems are not uncommon in the winter months. Because cold temperatures and heating air in the rooms remove moisture from the skin and let it dry out. With small adjustments to our daily care routine, you can ward off unwanted skin problems and keep your complexion healthy and radiant throughout the winter season.

What skin care tips would you add to this list?

Until next time 🙂


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