Allyson’s Dairy Free Journey

Back in 2015, I was feeling at my lowest, I had been given a round of antibiotics that I had an allergic reaction to, after a visit to the hospital and an epi-pen later I was still in a constant state of discomfort. As a person who has always been interested in natural solutions, I decided I had enough of the mainstream way to feeling better, so I booked an appointment with a Naturopath. 

This appointment is where I learned about food intolerances and my intolerance of dairy. Now, when you think of a dairy intolerance it’s usually about stomach issues and bathroom visits, but my intolerance didn’t affect me in that way my issues were: mild itching of the skin, usually arms and legs, eczema flare-ups and overall tiredness that I just couldn’t shake. 

So, I embarked on a mission to find dairy free alternatives to my favourite indulgences. 

Now, this was hard!

Every good tasting thing on planet earth seemed to consist of some type of milk product, by-product, or was labelled with “possibly contain milk products”.  So, I will admit I struggled, but once I completely cut dairy out, I felt so much better. I was no longer tired after work, I had the energy I never had before, my skin had cleared up and my hair was growing like crazy

So, I began to dig deeper, I started looking into gut health, and gut flora. I realized that if your gut was in shambles, you would be too. Fixing my gut, taking probiotics and learning to recognize the signs my body gave me became the most important thing to me, and it paid off.

Now everything has its pros and cons, but I tend to do well with almond and soymilk alternatives. Personally, I hate coconut milk but that is an option as well. 

Here are some brands of alternative milk options you may enjoy:

Earths Own Almond milk (my favourite)

Silk (I personally enjoy their Vanilla almond milk coffee creamer) 

I will always be grateful that I took that initial trip to my Naturopath and that I learned the importance of gut health in my early 20’s. Being your body’s advocate is the most important thing you will ever do. If the mainstream path to health isn’t working for you, explore other options! You have absolutely nothing to lose

Until next time, 

Allyson @ Stillsofhue 

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