How Do You Get Past betrayal?

Betrayal is such a strong word that should not be used lightly but the sad reality is that many of us will experience it at some point in our lives.

Today we talk about some of the things that has helped us to move forward after we’ve been hurt by the ones we love the most.

Some key take aways


Without it you will get no where.

Seek help when necessary

Its good to get a mutual outside party to listen to both sides. Someone that can help both parties see the other person’s side and be that voice of reason

Take time to heal and deal with your emotions

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the other party is to just step away and take some time to process your feelings

Recognize growth

If you are willing to stay in the relationship or friendship with the person that hurt you, its important that you recognize when the “betrayer” is making a genuine effort to change. Just as its important for them to give you the time and space to heal its important for you to recognize when they are making a genuine effort

Forgive and move forward

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. forgiving just means that you are not bring up the same situation every time there is an argument. When you forgive someone you not resentful toward the other party. Forgiving someone means that you are in a place where you are willing to move forward with the person and in some cases you can forgive but decide that is best to move forward without the person. You have to do what best for you.

Listen to the rest of the conversation. We touch on these points and so much more!

Share your thoughts.

Have you ever felt betrayed in your life?

How did you get past it?

Whats something you did that helped you on your journey to move forward?

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