Can You Love Your Natural Hair and Still Enjoy Experimenting ?

If you have been around me for some time you will know that I am a huge fan of natural hair and hair care products. Although I love experimenting with straightened hair, extensions, wigs, weaves , straightening etc, I always come back to my natural kinky hair. It’s usually is single twists and up in a bun. Buns are my go to!! I believe that people should have the freedom to wear your hair the way you want as long as your feel good.

Important Steps to Emotional Security

Today’s post will be a bit different and is a topic that has been weighing heavily on me as of late, I guess being stuck inside during this pandemic has really brought some things into perspective. Trust me you want to read this. Here is what Ive learnt about emotional Security, mental anguish & breakthroughs.

Recharge and Refresh

Now let’s be honest life can be busy. If you ask me how my day was, sometimes I just give a one word response. Most of the time it’s “Busy”. Why? Because the thought of explaining how my day was is exhausting. I feel kind of bad because I know the person can be looking for a way to connect and have a conversation but Im too tired to talk. Read about ways to avoid this and tips to recharge and refresh your body