How Journaling can help you to cope with mental stress

In light of the uncertainty caused by COVID19, you may find yourself worried and anxious about what the future may bring. But there are simple yet powerful habits we can develop to regain our personal power and turn a challenge into an opportunity. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you will start to see results in a few minutes a day. Science has shown that journaling has incredible health benefits, from promoting a worry-free mind to increasing levels of productivity and happiness. Here are three ways to use the journal to overcome stress and anxiety at this stage of the coronavirus.

Allyson’s Dairy Free Journey

I learned about food intolerances and my intolerance of dairy. Now, when you think of a dairy intolerance it’s usually about stomach issues and bathroom visits, but my intolerance didn’t affect me in that way my issues were: mild itching of the skin, usually arms and legs, eczema flare-ups and overall tiredness that I just couldn’t shake.

8 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Skin in Winter

Skincare needs to be adjusted during the cold season: wind, frost, rain, and snow make our sensitive skin difficult to care for. So the question is : how do we properly care for our skin during winter? What does she need to keep a radiantly fresh and, above all, healthy complexion even in the cold season?