IPL-Braun Experience

I have a love-hate relationship with hair removal. I, unfortunately, did not inherit my mother’s genes when it comes to body hair, she has never had to shave her legs a day in her life and the envy is real! I on the other hand will look like a gorilla if I skip a day of shaving. It often feels like stubble will begin to come through just from the walk between my bathroom and bedroom door. So, I decided that this year I would take the plunge into laser hair removal.

Best online Clothing stores for Women in 2021

Hi guys, If you are like me, an avid online shopper then I’m certain you have collected some favourite places to shop for all your fashion needs! I am not the type of person to shop for outrageously expensive things, I’m a firm believer in the ‘low to high’ sorting option that most websites offerContinue reading “Best online Clothing stores for Women in 2021”

Important Steps to Emotional Security

Today’s post will be a bit different and is a topic that has been weighing heavily on me as of late, I guess being stuck inside during this pandemic has really brought some things into perspective. Trust me you want to read this. Here is what Ive learnt about emotional Security, mental anguish & breakthroughs.